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I'm an italian Snowboard athlete of Burgstall/S├╝dtirol, member of the Italian National Parallelsnowboard-Team and part of the sportsgroup of the Police, “Fiamme Oro”. I actually compete in Worldcup but also partecipated at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018 and at the World Championships 2013 - 2019.

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22.02.2023 Bakuriani GEO World Championships Team PSL 1. Place
19.02.2023 Bakuriani GEO World Championships PGS 12. Place
22.01.2023 Bansko BUL Worldcup PSL 10. Place
21.01.2023 Bansko BUL Worldcup PSL 8. Place
08.01.2022 Scuol SUI Worldcup PGS 10. Place
18.12.2021 Cortina ITA Worldcup PGS 4. Place


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Nadya Ochner
Feldweg 10
I - 39014 Burgstall [BZ]

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